Wine Bar

Faz Figura is not only about lunch or dinner. If you just wish to relax, socialize, or just have a glass of wine or a snack, this is the right spot. Try out our Wine Tasting Room.

48 Wines always at your disposal

To celebrate Portugal's time-honoured winemaking tradition, you'll find 3 wine dispensers full of Portuguese wines. And tasting is just part of the fun: our Winopedia, available in interactive tables and displays provide you all the information about the wines, producers, regions, grape varieties and Portugal’s wine heritage.

Wine Dispensers


  1. 1 Campolargo Souzão
  2. 2 Quinta das Bágeiras Reserva
  3. 3 Manda Chuva
  4. 4 Quinta do Pinto Estate Collection


  1. 1 Basília


  1. 1 Vale de Fornos
  2. 2 Vinha do Mouro
  3. 3 Vidente
  4. 4 Xisto Ilimitado
  5. 5 Muxagat
  6. 6 Ribeiro Santo